September 25, 2009

Picture Perfect: TWINS

Double the fun!! I heart spare bedrooms or kids rooms with twin beds. Today I am going to show them some love by sharing with you my favorites. Growing up my sister and I shared a room, being three years younger than her I loved it, and for the most part I think she hated having her baby sister always in her mix. We had a not so cool daybed, but seeing rooms with twin beds always reminds me of my childhood sharing a room with Pam. Have a great weekend!!! 

The above room was a creation of Eddie Ross from Top Design. 
I love love love this room, warm tan with robin's egg blue accents. 
Great room for out of town guest!!

Image from Decor Pad: I like the polka dot accent wall, 
and the rustic dresser separating the beds. 

From Domino Magazine: I am obsessed with black and white striped rugs, 
I have been eyeing one from Ikea but really have no place to put it. 
I love this room because its fun and colorful but very elegant. 


Amy said...

That first room is GORGEOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your sweet post!

Virginia @ Where You Hang Your Hat said...

I am OBSESSED with the Domino bedroom. I really wanted to do twins in a guest bedroom, but my friends/family insist on a double bed so they can sleep with their partners. Can't they sleep Rob and Laura Petrie style for one night? In the name of adorableness?

Haven't seen the Eddie Ross room before; gorgeous.