September 23, 2009

Pooping In Style Part I

I will start by professing my love for ebay!!!....!!!!.....!! OK now that we got that out of the way let me introduce you to the last little piece of hardware that needed to find its way into Britt's bathroom remodel:

It's so cool, and after this lovely faucet finds its way through the mail and into our life we will have completed his downstairs half bath!!! Proof once again that you can find just about anything on ebay. Of course I got it for half the price they were asking in the retail stores, and that alone my dear friends makes me so happy!!!! You know I love before and after pictures but I completely forgot to take a before picture of this bathroom. But I know you guys have a little imagination so just picture white walls and an empty room with a roll of toilet paper and a trash can - not to hard to picture. So the juicy details: Behr "Earth Tone" for the wall color, World Market zen console table, Hobby Lobby for the old Paris hotel pictures (at 50% off), and good old Target for the mirror. The wall on the left is the entry to the laundry room and we installed new folding doors. So dear Mr. Price Pfister Ashfield #42-ypou faucet let me show you your new home:

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Anonymous said...

Ebay may be the greatest invention ever!! Better than the microwave even! Scrap