September 16, 2009

A Little Diva In All Of Us

If anyone is counting this would be about my 100th guilty pleasure!! I like the semi-finer things in life, they just make the mundane everyday things we do manageable. Yes they tend to cost a bit more than the dollar store, so I try to limit my use and intake of such said pleasures. I ask you ladies and the wonderful gentleman who know how to work a washing machine, what is more mundane than washing the loads of laundry that seem to multiply every time you turn your back? Let me introduce you to the only other diva that I could possibly live with. It's a glamorous wash in which you add just a dab to your regularly scheduled laundry routine and your dingy dirty clothes come out smelling angelic. I love washing my sheets and towels with it!! Happy washing everyone!!!

On a slightly different note, I have a bone to pick with all the front load washing machines that exist in this world. Speaking of divas, I had no clue you were such a high maintenance little bugger.  After almost a year the (not so amazing) Whirlpool Front load washer smells like mold and mildew. The smell is comparable to my old house in New Orleans after it flooded in Katrina. I am not exaggerating this truth, I would hold my breath when I opened the door to the washer. After my clothes began to slightly smell of this funk I hit the internet in search of an answer. Low and behold a wealth of information was at my finger tips in a matter of seconds, and so many of my fellow Americans were living with this same problem. It seems an easy answer does exist, and it was right in front of my face this entire time. I mean who has ever read the manuel on your washing machine? Not I. This damn washing machine wants me to clean it after it cleans my clothes, REALLY?? You are suppose to be helping me clean all my clothes and keeping your mouth shut while doing it, now I have another chore to add to my routine - wash the washing machine. 
Here are the 5 (yes 5) steps to cleaning the machine 1. Unlike top loaders the front loaders don't drain completely so you have to leave the door open when it is not in use to let it dry out. Great I love having the door open all day and night, it looks great. I bet if I had a one year old child they would love to climb on in and play (can you say lawsuit waiting to happen) 2. Only use high efficiency detergent, this I can live with 3. Rub a cloth over the inside of the washer after each load, then peel back the rubber door seal and clean in there where all the gunk collects (can we add 5 more minutes to each day for this complete waste of my time?) 4. Clean the drain pump filter every two weeks, old water that never drains sits here - yuck. And what the hell is a drain pump filter?? 5. Once a month with 2/3 cup of bleach run the "clean tub cycle" with an empty washer - and you are suppose to be energy efficient??? 
Last night I cleaned out the smelly gunk living in the door seal (gag) and ran the cleaning cycle with bleach and the door has been open all night. I am hoping that the smelly problem has disappeared. People, I don't want to steer any of you away from buying a front loader because they really are easier on your clothes and they have great features. I am venting and in a few days, hopefully when that horrible smell is gone, I will be over this little hissy fit. 

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Amy said...

Oh my God!!! Thank you for this! As if our grand "adventure" isn't enough for me to deal with these days, ALL of our clothes have that disgusting, moldy smell due to the 'rents front loading frigidaire!

I cannot tell you how many times I have had to re-wash things cursing that damn smelly machine the whole time.

I have taunted this nasty machine for 3 months now, proclaiming that my tourquise electrolux would be far superior than this frigidaire piece of crap!

But you're telling me they all do this???? I don't know if I can add one more chore to my life.

***sigh*** I will need loads of sushi and wine to get over this one.