September 10, 2009

Hello, Have We Met Before

Dear Anthropologie at Home,
Have I been hiding under a rock, how could I not have been ignoring you for so long? I seldom make promises I do not keep, so I promise you this - I will come to visit you often. I hope not to scare you off but I have already made future plans for us. You see I am in the middle of a bathroom makeover that your festival rug would look amazing in. I ask - who needs all the hard work of laying designer tile when you can just throw down a beautiful rug like that? And yes a cute apron does make you cook better, and cream colored dishes does make food taste better. The Cole & Son wooded wallpaper I have been obsessed with for years - you have made it possible for the great USA to purchase this fine product. The cute stationary and journals almost makes me wanna quit this blog and write all my thoughts on paper. And finally you had me at hello old rustic vintage chair that I now need 4 of in my life. So, if I wake up on day and find out that money really does grow on trees I would pluck a few 100 bills and drive straight to you:

Wait, you now carry Voluspa - my favorite candles!! And rumor has it that in November you will be carrying my Christmas present (hint, hint) Coralie Bickford-Smith deluxe classic novels. They are perfect for reading and decorating!! I warn you once you have read one of the classic novel in these exclusive designs you can never go back to the plain books. Damn you Coralie...

Yes, I might have just lost my mind for a second. 

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