October 14, 2009

The Fabric Of My Life

I am slightly devastated today. I just about spent several hours of my life franticly searching for this amazing fabric that I posted about here. I had to have it, I had finally found the perfect curtain for Britt's bathroom makeover. Mission almost accomplished. I put my detective hat on, visited my favorite local fabric stores, and after coming home with nothing more than a sample of something that kinda resembled what I was searching for I decided to hit the internet. Hours later I stumble upon Schumacher Fabric and bam, jackpot, rejoice - I found the beautiful Gordian Weave in Ebony and Greige:

Insert problem here (brace yourself) one yard cost $272, yes only 36 inches. I would need about 3 yards, so this amazing curtain that my little heart was set on would end up costing over $800. Not gonna happen people, hence my slight devastation today. The fabric must be weaved in gold or something, on my modest budget I could never image why 36 inches for fabric could possible cost that much. Of course I am not a professional designer, nor heir to any riches, just a simple business woman by day with a passion for beautiful things. I guess I will stop my complaining and start looking for an alternative for the fabric. They have some beautiful fabric out there. So, all my amazing blogshere buddies: suggestions are needed!!!

A few choices from Kravet & Duralee averaging around $60 per yard

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The look-alikes are just as good!