October 30, 2009

My Hips Sing a Song

I love the new Dove commercial, and find myself smiling every time it comes on TV (and humming along). Yes society I have flaws and thank you Dove for reminding me that they are beautiful. It makes me so sad when people make fun of other for their imperfections. Let's all learn to rejoice in the things that make us unique, and love the way God made us.

Two thumbs up and a huge step in the right direction!!!

Do your eyes sit wide
Does your nose turn to the side
Do your elbows kind of crinkle
Do your knees sort of wrinkle
Does your chest tend to freckle
Do you have a crooked smile

Do your eyes sit wide

Do your ears sort of wiggle
Does your hair make you giggle
Does your neck grow long
Do your hips sing a song

Do your ears hang low

1 comment:

Amy said...

I LOVE that commercial!!!!! And you're right, it's infuriating when people make fun of others for their imperfections!!!

Love this post:)