October 07, 2009

Halloween is Almost Here!!

It's become sort of a tradition for Halloween that I make my Monsters and Mummy cupcakes, and my nephew is already asking about them. We only have a few weeks till the spooky night so I am getting my favorite ideas together, and of course I am sharing them with you.  

Sorry about the picture quality of the cupcakes, its a bad picture taken last year on my iphone, this year I promise to take better pictures. For the Cookie Monsters I used decorating tip #133 - grass tip with blue icing and stuffed 1/2 of a mini chocolate chip cookie in his mouth. We made lots of mummies for Payton's classmates and I used different colors (yellow, blue, red) for the eyes. The blood shot eye cupcake was a hit, I used a gummy eye ball from a bag of candy and had some red gel icing that I used to make them look blood shot. Finally the buried alive cupcakes I used Oreo cookies and put them in the food processor to make the dirt. In my bag of gummy body parts they had feet and hands that I stuck in the "dirt" to make them look buried alive. Also in the dirt I used the Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies and put RIP on the top part and stuck it in the cupcake for a coffin. Tons of fun!!!!

And it would not be Halloween without something gross on the menu. A great finger food is a cracker with cream cheese (I like to mix dill with the cream cheese) with sliced smoked salmon on top, make the salmon look likea piece of flesh on the cracker. Or that classic seafood mold you can shape into looking like a brain - yummy. Make finger sandwiches but instead of cutting into bit size triangles use a Halloween cookie cutter to shape the sandwiches into ghosts, bats, etc. Or buy a plastic skull at the store (clean it) turn it upside down and fill it with homemade spaghetti, everyone will think their eating brains. While your out getting the plastic skull pick up a little corpse put it into a dish (shaped like a coffin) cover with blue corn tortilla chips and blood red salsa on the side. And you can not forget bar-b-que chicken wings, just call them bat wings - the power of suggestion. Ok I think that's enough of the spooky sick food ideas. I will leave you with my new favorite idea for an ice chest this season from Southern Living.  

Pumpkin Cooler from Southern Living 

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Amy said...

FANTASTIC IDEAS!! I can't wait till next year when I'm in my own house. I will no doubt decorate more than Christmas!