November 18, 2009

Desert Lady

When I was young my cousins would call my grandmother the ice cream lady. They would come visit and she had a deep freezer in her kitchen filled with an array of ice cream. Vanilla, chocolate, mint, coconut, banana, you name it she had all 31 flavors. My grandfather and I were making milk shakes before milk shakes were cool. Anyway, I have become sorta the desert lady on Sunday Saints Day with Britt's friends. (FYI Britt, if you ever leave me I get custody of your friends.) I completely dropped the ball last Sunday and did not prepare a desert, we had nothing sweet to wash down that amazing gumbo - the travesty!!! So I am planning ahead this week and we are taking it to the polls for a vote. That's right you guys get to pick what I am making this week. Let me introduce you to the three finalist:

Paula Deen's Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle: Remember its almost Thanksgiving and what better way to prepare yourself than PUMPKIN - did I mention this desert got 5 out of 5 stars from over 700 people on the Food Network!!! I could lick this picture.

Mar-a-Lago Key Lime Pie: News Flash - this is the same chef that created those out of this world turkey burgers that I cooked. Hint, Hint this will be equally amazing!!!

Red Velvet Cake Balls: I know I have been talking about making these suckers for a few weeks now and really been waiting for the weather to cool down (it makes a difference in the chocolate coating). My cousin ate so many of these he pooped red, while I know that story is not very appetizing it gets my point across - these are to die for.

So, no pressure but Please, PLEase, PLEASE vote even if you are not coming to the party, because I will blog the recipes and pictures of the desert I make before Thanksgiving!! If no one votes, no one gets desert and I mean it. Remember this is my world and their are no rules, you can vote as many times as computers you can find!!!


Amy said...

Key lime pie is my favorite!! (well, next to cheesecake of course!)

FYI, I totally tried to cheat and vote more than once and I couldn't:(

Oh...and if Britt ever leaves you, you have an open invitaion to marry me. I don't think Mike would mind!

Anonymous said...

Red Velvet Cake Balls!!!! Now I am craving them. If you need a taste tester just let me know..

Did you get Aunt Lerdy's recipe?