November 12, 2009

When You Mix Girls, Paint, And Wine

You get..... well, I still have not figured out what it is that I brought home. Let's just say my first name is not Vincent and Van Gogh will never be my last name. It was suppose to be twelve trees, but mine really only had nine trees. And that's just the most obvious mistake. I can now, with full knowledge and understanding, mark off the profession of impressionist painter on my "things I could be when I finally grow up" list. Not to fear, the night was not a complete bust - we laughed a lot, and that's always good for the soul. The best part: we emptied a bottle of my new favorite wine trying to recreate the masterpiece. And I guess that would explain what happen to my trees!!

The girls and I decided to channel our inner artist last night with the much talked about paint class - Painting With A Twist. I signed up hoping it would be a paint by numbers mindless, effortless, noncreative sorta night. Step one would be to paint the color red on all the shapes with the number 2 and make sure not to paint outside the lines. I checked in at the front desk and they handed me a blank canvas. Wait a second lady, mine is defective and does not have the drawing or numbers. What kinda operation are you running here? Well I soon realized that everyone had a canvas just as defective as mine. And that's about the time I popped open the cork!!!

For your viewing pain this is the finished product, while it was tons of fun, I think this one is going in the laundry room. It's addictive, the teachers are fantastic, and we are already talking about which painting we want to do next. Don't worry all you talented local artist your jobs are safe for now.

Sorry, this one of a kind is not for sale.

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Amy said...

You're way too hard on yourself! It's great! Hope I can make the next one with ya'll.