August 10, 2009

Cool Kids Club!!

For Me? Thanks for the award Amy!!! I am new to having/ writing/ owning my very on blog. It's been a fabulous experience and it's kinda become my scrapbook on life. I have never been good at following rules, but here are a few rules to follow on this post: On receiving this award, make sure you tag/link the person that gave you the award. When you post your 5 winners, make sure you link them as well. Also, include your 5 addictions for everyone to relish in!

My top 5 addictions:
APPLE - Not the kind you eat everyday to keep the doctor away but the kind that keeps this blog alive. Yes I am secretly in love with Steve Jobs and Yes I am a closeted computer nerd.
RED WINE - I would no sooner cut off my left pinkie (what use is it anyway?) than live my life without the all relaxing, all healing, all powerful glass of wine. People don't get me wrong I love my pinkie for I am a very vain person but wine trumps certain body parts.
MAKE-UP COUNTERS - Some people prefer talking to a stranger, some (rolling my eyes) prefer exercising, I find my inner peace and therapeutic sessions most healing at the make-up counter with the likes of Dior, Laura Mercier, Chanel, and Mac.
BRITTON - The moment I laid eyes on this man my world has been turned upside down, and life had become pretty boring right side up. Hello, my name is Ann Marie, and I am addicted to a wonderful man!!
DECOR - I simply have an OBSESSIVE compulsive personality when it comes to that sweet little place we all call home. If I am surrounded by beauty and cleanliness I feel like a calm complete person capable of anything. Everything has to be perfect therefore I could (and sometimes do) spend hours strolling through home decorating blogs.

My current top 5 favorite blogs:
Shelter (interior design), Tyler Florence Fridays(fav chef does a twitter cooking class on fridays), and Life of Mark (cause he is just that funny). Wait that's only three.


Rachel said...

Hey i'm pretty lucky to call you my cousin...YOU ROCK!!!

mdeclouet said...

Completely humbled, and dido on the mac (without being in love with Steve Jobs...not my type)

Amy said...

"I love my pinkie for I am a very vain person but wine trumps certain body parts." I don't think I've ever heard it put better than that! Agree 100%!