August 25, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

It was the last luau of the summer before the start of school!! My niece celebrated her 4th birthday in style with a huge water slide, swimming pool, hot dogs, hawaiian leis, beach cupcakes, flower pinata, flip-flop cake, presents, and of course tons of friends. Everyone had a blast, and Emily had a Happy Happy Birthday!!!

One of my old hobbies was cake decorating, I had to give it up because I kept eating the end result and it was making me fat. But when Emily asked her Nanny for a flip flop cake..... well, I ask what sane human being could say no to that cutie pie? I dusted off my baking pans and my sister and I spent 4 hours baking and brainstorming Friday night for the festive occasion. The results:

Edible Flip Flop's

For the beach cupcakes I used brown sugar to make it look like sand under the umbrellas, and goldfish crackers as fish swimming in the blue ocean/icing. The Cat even wanted a taste! Pink is Emily's favorite color so we had to have a little pink cupcake in the mix. My sister did some research on the internet on how to make a flip-flop cake and it was fairly simple. She traced the bottom of her flip-flop on a cardboard and cut it out. We baked a sheet cake and used the cut out of the shoe for the shape of the cake. We used twizzlers to make the strap and a silk flower for decor. 

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karen said...

Wow those look great! I've never seen a flip flop cake.