August 26, 2009

"Fine" is a Texture

This has to be my favorite DIY project, so simple and so cheap. If you have ever looked into buying new pulls for your cabinets you will soon realize that for a big kitchen it will cost you a small fortune. Most basic pulls will cost about $5 a piece. I know this will not break the bank but come on really?? The current kitchen knobs were in great shape, but the white ceramic mix was just not modern enough for my taste. But no worries people, Rustoleum to the rescue! Yes for only $5 total we got all new pulls for the kitchen. I lie - they are not 'new' by industry standards, only 'new' by my standards.

I removed all the knobs and pulls and used a Rustoleum flat black spray paint to give them the new modern look. No sanding, no scuffing, no prep work at all just point and spray. So, if your counting, I got 22 for the price of one - take that to the bank!! We put them back on the cabinets and wow you would never recognize them.

They look like the designer knobs you would find in the store that cost $5 - $6 a piece. And might I add that's pretty green of you - way to save the environment by using old stuff! Pat on the back!!

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karen said...

I did the same thing with all of the ANCIENT curtain rods and hangers in our house when I painted our brick walls. Just sprayed them a matte silver to complement the cool white wall and presto! I love cheap renovating!