August 13, 2009

Saturday Night

My brother-n-law has some of the most talented friends, above is a piece of art created by Killian Williams using a technique called woodblock printing. I fell in love with his art after viewing a few of his pieces in a gallery downtown. He has created an entire series of these woodblock prints; he explained the whole process to me and I was instantly intrigued. Killian has a degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in printmaking, so being an "idiot" to the world of fine art I had to do some research to actually understand the process. Here is a little explanation from the land of google for us common folks.

"The wood block is prepared as a relief matrix, which means the areas to show 'white' are cut away with a knife, chisel, or sandpaper leaving the characters or image to show in 'black' at the original surface level. The printing parts remaining level with the surface while the non-printing parts are removed. The surface is covered with ink by rolling over the surface with an ink-covered roller, leaving ink upon the flat surface but not in the non-printing areas. It is only necessary to ink the block and bring it into firm and even contact with the paper or cloth to achieve and acceptable print. The content would of course print "in reverse" or mirror-image."

Yes, a copy of this beautiful piece resides in my living room. It's called "Saturday Night" and you can make out the images of the people sitting on and around the porch on a lovely Saturday evening. Killian is a true artist, and his love and passion for art comes out not only through his prints but also in his sheer joy of teaching others and giving back to the community. Stay tuned, I have more of his art that I am saving money to have framed.

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killian williams said...

Looks good if you send me your mailing adress I will send you a certificate of authentication
and value