August 24, 2009

Turning the Tables

On the 8th day God created PAINT!!! Since buying all new furniture for Britt's house is not an option, I have taken to buying paint instead (it's a lot cheaper). One of my projects this weekend was to take this dusty old worn out night stand and make it worthy of use again. I love before and after pictures so in the middle of sanding down the table I remembered to take a before picture: 

Step 1: Lightly sand entire table 
Step 2: Sand down the table top to the bare wood
Step 3: Wipe table with damp towel
Step 4: Kiltz the bottom part of table
Step 5: Stain table top with a gel dark walnut finish
Step 6: Paint bottom of table with Ben Moore "Bone White"
Step 7: Put hardware back on 
Step 8: ENJOY!!!


Amy said...

BEAUTIFUL! You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

It turned out beautiful!!! Great job! I soooo want to go shopping and find some crappy pieces and redo...