August 09, 2009

In Tennis Love Means Zero

I usually don't like to post negative things here just cause life can throw enough negativity your way and this little blogshere world is my escape from all that. But sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. So let's see, are you one of those who likes the bad news first or the good news first? Well this is my world, and I always like to share good news first.

Our USTA Lafayette 7.0 mixed doubles tennis team is STATE bound!! After a grueling summer we finishing the season with a very impressive 9-2 record. So, lets rip the band aid off and give the bad news: last night my tennis partner Jerry and I lost our final match of the season and therefore lost the bragging rights to be called Division Champs. We were on top all season and actually finished in a 9 win 2 lost tie with Team Nguyen, but Nyguen has fewer individual and set loses than us, and so they are declared Division Champs in the final hour. Congrats to them!!

Yesterday, in a corageous performance, Jerry and I made a gallant comeback in both sets of the final court of our rain-out with Team Toby only to finally capitulate on court 1, 6-7, 5-7. We were down 1-4 in the first set and made a magnificent run to rally and tie the score at 5 all. We went on to win the next game to go up 6-5, then tied again at 6-6 necessitating a tie-break in which we lost the first set 7-5. The second set we started slow again and found ourselves down 5-2 but Jerry & I gutted out 3 wins in a row to tie the game 5-5 again. But the other team prevailed in the next 2 games to give us our hardest loss of the season. Our team plays 3 courts every week and the best 2 out of 3 courts take home the "W". With court 2 coming out with a victory and court 3 falling to a 3rd set tie breaker our team was handed our 2nd loss of the season. The USTA league takes the top two teams from each division so we are still state bound, and Champs in my book. We travel to Mandeville, Louisiana the second week in September for tournament play. Wish us LUCK!!!

"There is no team, like the best team, which is our team, right here."
- You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

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