August 07, 2009


I had to share these pictures with you guys, they are hilarious!!! As I said in an earlier post, last Thursday night we went to Coyote Blue to celebrate another completed year for Britt. I love his friends and we had such an amazing time laughing and celebrating!! The dinner was almost over and it was time for the first bite of birthday cake .....

The happy couple before!!

In Mexico a great Birthday tradition is not just the eating of a birthday cake but the tradition of the first bite. Just after blowing out the candles, everybody starts chanting "mordida, mordida" (bite, bite). The birthday person is expected to take their first bite of the cake without any utensils, and with their hands behind their back. Then of course customarily someone is sure to push their face into the cake. With this all being done in great fun; I have seen many people love getting cake on their face.  Britt's friend Mike got pictures of the new Felize Cumpleanos tradition I tried on Britt!! 

The after pics...yes Britt had to get me back!!

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