August 14, 2009

Treasures of Yesterday

I found this old sewing table at an antique store for a steal. I liked the blue color but it was a bit to standout-ish for the little spot I bought it for. I brushed light coat of off-white paint on the table, but just enough to mute out the blue and still have bits of the color shine through. The finished product looks amazing in the back corner of my living room. Yes, I do sew and my next project it to figure out how to install my sewing machine in the table so I can sew some new curtains. 

Before                                                         After

The night light on the table is a statue of Mary given to my grandmother 23 years ago by my mother. She is holding a flower in her hands, and it stays lit every night. It also makes a perfect night light for those late night trips to the bathroom!! Also, I have some dried lilac flowers on the table. I tend to be a incurable romantic at times and the lilac flower is symbolic for love's first emotion. Who does not like being reminded of that???? My grandmother had an old sewing table in her house when I was young, I thought it was the neatest thing. You fold down the sewing machine in the table and it is stored upside down. When you are ready to sew you unfold the top and pull the machine up and it locks in upright position. Fantastic space saving idea for my humble home.

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