August 06, 2009

Movin' On Up!

Friday was Kim's Birthday; she is only 2 months younger than me so I am keeping her little age a secret. We became friends 9 years ago, and from day one it felt as though I had met my long lost twin sister. I have so much in common with her, and we have entirely too much fun when we are together. We have literally traveled around the world with each other and by the grace of God made it back to the good old dirty south alive. Kim, I know you had a wonderful weekend and I pray that this year be the best year of your life; that God grants you all the desires of your heart.

Kim just did a major upgrade on her current hacienda. Her husband is out of town so we had a good old fashion slumber party last night. It felt like we were in our 20's again staying up late talking and giggling. Only this time we were living large with brick floors in the kitchen, granted counter top, walk-in closet, marble shower, air jetted tub, a wet bar, crystal chandeliers, and all the wine and sushi we could stuff in our face (and of course Kim's adorable 2 year old clone running around). So I guess getting older, having real jobs, and finally making money does have its perks from those piss poor college years we lived through.

In the beginning:

The add-n-on is almost complete and I could not wait to let you guys in on all the "fun" she has been up to. That is if you call washing dishes out of the bathtub for 3 months fun. I am so excited to share a few pictures because Kim has impeccable taste.

The work in progress:

Kitchen still needs the finishing touches: bar stools are being
covered, pendent lights hung, curtains, and hardware installed.

Antique vanity (sconces are on order) & Walk-in closet with chandelier
Kim has the bathroom that dreams are made of!!!

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