August 21, 2009

Life is Cheap, It's the Accessories That Kill You

Let me introduce you all to my new favorite guilty pleasure. Its a simple little candle that will make your house smell AMAZING. It was given to me as a birthday present, and I have now become down right obsessed, imagine that. The brand is Voluspa and it comes in many scents, Champaca Bloom & Fern being by far the best!! It has a cool design with retro brown and cream flowers on the tin can (bottom right). They also come in different sizes, but the 3 wick tin will smell your entire room in minutes. Look how unique the other tin designs are, they make a perfect elegant gift. 

Move over Aveda Shampure candle you have temporarily been replaced!!


Amy said...

Where can I get one????

Ann Marie said...

You can get them at the Bath Haus in River Ranch but they have been out for a while. They also have them in at the Renaissance Market in the oil center, and of course online!!! You gonna love them.